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Originally Posted by dc/dc View Post
The reason that a case was not included, as far as I know, is the fact that the Curve is a consumer device and not a business device. Business devices like the 8700 and 8800 come with cases/holsters.

I am more inclined to believe that not shipping the Curve with a case enables AT&T to tap into the consumer accessory market more fully. They know that most folks will buy accessories like chargers, cases and the like after buying a phone...and not including one insures them at least a little more built-in profit. I am certain that a certain percentage of 8800 buyers never used the case provided for them, choosing either to keep the phone in their pocket or purse, or to use another case or pouch. I can see how AT&T would be looking at that as a place where they could stop their own profit loss and try to recoup.

Last time I looked, every AT&T store had a great supply of good (if horribly overpriced) accessories on display...just like most car dealerships display a smattering of good (if horribly expensive) accessories for that new car you just bought.