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Look what I found!!!

Amazing. RIM actually has a service you can pay for to have customized, individual support teams at your call 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Amazing the technological breakthroughs that are coming out nowadays. A company develops a product and accompanying software packages and then offers tailored support based on your individual needs, for a price.

As it's been said time and time again, though you seem to skip over the fact, we are all VOLUNTEERS. We have varying levels of knowledge about blackberries and BES. Some of us work extensively with the handhelds and have never touched BES, some do both. Some are on Exchange and some aren't. To garnish a staff that would encompass every single aspect of the blackberry software and hardware world; past, present and future, is more than any forum is capable of.

In your own example, you're looking for a GM alternator, but you didn't specify the year. If you're talking about a GM alternator for a 68 pontiac tempest, and none of the moderators on your GM forum can give you a model number or installation instructions for that particular alternator, on that particular car of that particular year, does that mean the entire forum is bogus?


It means you might have to do the little extra work on your own to figure out hte problem. Be it try things yourself, call RIM and take advantage of the support contracts you signed up for when your company bought the BES licenses or hire in independent contractor to come fix the problem. When it's fixed, post the results here and everywhere else you can find for others to learn from.

THAT is how a forum works. The moderators here are only a small drop in the bucket to all the knowledge contributed on a forum. We are here to make sure the knowledge that people do post is done so in a coherent and logical manner so others may benefit from it.