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Originally Posted by Ed Hochuli View Post
I would be interested in a thorough comparison of the 8700 and the 8300, with particular emphasis on the typing comparisons.
I'm not sure that such a review would really be all that useful -- that is, unless you really wanted to know the reviewer's preference. Whether the keyboard is acceptable or not is entirely a matter of personal preference and you'd be better suited by trying out both devices in question. Personally, I'm happy with the 8800's keyboard. That's not to say that I wouldn't like the 8300's better but my point is that ask the next person and there's no telling what his/her opinion of the 8800's keyboard will be. There's no universal preference (or set of preferences) out there or else we'd all be using the same model Blackberry.

Photos won't tell you anything about the feel of a keyboard no matter how many are taken and regardless of the number of angles. ;) They might be useful for determining if the spacing is adequate but I'd be leery of relying on them. I mean, think about what else you shop for based solely on photos and without a real-world test drive.

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