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Originally Posted by archer6 View Post
Here are the exact sizes of the full qwerty BlackBerrys.

114 x 66 x 14.0mm 8800
110 x 70 x 19.5mm - 8700
106 x 60 x 15.5mm - 8300

It's truly a matter of personal preference. I have them all and they are all good. It's a simple as that. I don't buy into the "one is better than the other argument". They each have their strengths and most importantly to me, is that we are lucky to have the choices. Especially since we are all individuals with our own unique preferences. In my opinion the last 12 months have been a major milestone for RIM. They have opened up their field of vision and designed devices for not only the business market, but now the consumer market. They are on a roll, and doing all the right things going forward.

It is indeed impossible to please everyone. Or build a perfect device. So in lieu of that, they are doing the next best thing. Designing devices that are based on listening to their customers and the results show in the wonderful new lineup of devices that is not about to stop anytime soon.

There is a new Pearl right around the corner, as well as the 9xxx etc.

So I'm going to sit back, enjoy the BB's I have and celebrate the fact that we enjoy reliability, security and performance unheard of with other devices.

ummm... we don't use the metric system here... I thought you were in another country until I realized you are in USA.

ok... maybe there's still few things we use metric system like cars depending which car you get.
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