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Originally Posted by Two Mike Romeo
I purchased a Wilson amplifier and stealth antenna for about $175 as well as a Yagi antenna for another $60. The amp and stealth antenna are mounted inside the house and the Yagi is outisde. I used a signal strength meter to aim the Yagi and that was it. I now have a full signal throughout the house. You can even use multiple phones at the same time. It's like having your own cell tower.
The same repeater amp is now $500 not including antennas. If you got it at that price, you were extremely lucky.

I'm desperately seeking some way to improve my T-Mo reception at my house, but it appears that the only way is to spend around $600 plus for a basic repeater system. Can't go the basic amplifier route because the BB's don't have an external antenna port (unless that small hole underneath the battery cover is indeed an antenna port. In that case, we just need to find what type of connector it accepts, hope someone makes such a connector, and then find some way to drill a hole through the battery cover so the port can be easily accessed.)

I can't believe RIM doesn't include an external antenna port as standard on all the BBs. Seems like a business-related phone should have such a thing.