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Default 8300

Thanks to all of you for the helpful and informative responses. I took your advice and bought an 8300, and I love it. I will throw in my 2 cents for others considering the Curve:

In a nutshell - after just one day, I'm sold - I like the 8300 much better than the 8700 or 8800. As others have said, it is much smaller, making it a much more comfortablle phone to use. It is also small enough to comfortable put in your pocket, which wasn't practical for the 8700. The feel in my hands is great.

I was worried about the keyboard and typing, as I do a lot of emailing. Although the keyboard is considerably smaller (more than a full row of keys smaller than the 8700), I actually make fewer typing mistakes. My son has an 8800, and I made more mis-hits on it than the 8700, and since the 8300 is even smaller than the 8800, I was very sceptical. But I found it takes a little more pressure on the keys to activate the 8300, so if the edge of your finger hits another key, you don't get a mis-hit.

I'm quickly getting used to the trackball and can already tell I will like it better than the wheel. The action or "quickness" of the trackball is adjustable, which is a good feature.

The unit has greater media capability, including the camera, music, video playback, as well as additional included applications. Good quality screen. The applications are easy to use.

My only complaint is the holster, which is like the 8800's. It's much easier to pop the 8700 in and out of the holster than to remove and move the magnetic "strap" on the 8300 holster. I'm tempted to cut that strap off, but the unit could then slip out of the holster. Has anyone found a good solution to this issue?

Well, those are my 2 cents. Thanks again for the input.
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