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Originally Posted by navilyn View Post
Does anyone know how long it takes for BES to sync changes from Outlook to a BlackBerry?

Also, when on BES do I change this setting? At present, it looks like emails marked as read, calendar updates and address book changes take about 3-5 minutes to change on the device...

Partners are asking for this to be quicker (not sure why!). Nonetheless, am looking forward to answer. Thanks in advance
Don't let them sit in front of their PC's and time it

You can speed up the process (slightly) by doing a 'Reconcile Now' on the handheld and then hitting send/receive in Outlook, but when you're sitting there waiting for it to happen, it always takes forever... Just like an enterprise activation. What's that old saying? A watched pot never boils? This holds true in the world of BB's as well.

I've asked TSupport if there is a way to increase the frequency of wireless reconciliation, but they say that it can not be changed. I'm not 100% sure that I believe that, but that's their story, and I think they're sticking with it.
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