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Originally Posted by mrs_snuggles View Post

I'm a new member, i hope i'm following all the rules.....

I have some issues with the keyboard of my new BlackBerry Curve. The letter L is very different to type than the other letters. I don't feel it klicking when pressing down and in the beginning it would always type 2 Ls. The same goes for everbody I gave the phone too to try it out.
There is also no klicking sound for the delete key, the return key, the loudspeaker/$ key and the right lower shift key.
Now it's not the sound of the klicking I'm worried about, but when I press any of these keys, I'm never sure if I actually pressed down all the way or not. It' really very irritating.

Also, part of the keyboard is very loose. The keys on the sides (Q, A, alt and P, delete and return) are all firm, but all the letter inbetween (in other words, most part of the keyboard, starting with W, E, R....) is very loose.

Do any of you have the same issue? I still have my 8800 and didn't have any issues with that whatsoever.

The trackball of the Curve is also not up to par. When I press it, it's the same issue than with the letter L. You never really know if you really pressed it or not. With my 8800, I can clearly feel the klick when pressing down.

English is not my native language, so I hope I could express myself clearly.

Tomorrow is the last day that I can have my Curve exchanged (30 days), so I'm wondering if I should go to the AT&T store or not. I don't want to be a nerd or anything, but I only buy a new phone every few years and I want my equipment to be working perfectly, I don't want to be stuck with a crappy phone.

Thanks for all your answers in advance!

I do not have any of these problems with my 8300, all keys work equally well.

I did not have another trackball device to compare the trackball to but it works great for me.

I would swap it out with another- once the 30 days is up you are out of luck- do it while you can!

Good Luck
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