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Default But URLs act differently...

To recap, yes, I concur, for email addresses and phone numbers, the intended fields are appropriate, as a) the functionality to act on the field is still there even if not highlighted and b) one doesnxxx8217;t even have to open the Contacts list for the functionality to work, i.e. hitting the call button will prompt for numbers, composing an email will prompt for email addresses, etc.

But there remains an anomaly with respect to URLs.

Consider the following URL:
(Above is not intended for use on a desktop/laptop - only works on the blackberry(

If I put this under the Web Page field, nothing happens when I click on it, And if I select menu, I see Get Link, but the link will not work ( ie it does not know itxxx8217;s a map)


If I put the same link as part of NOTES, its auto-highlighted, and all I have to do is double click, and it KNOWS itxxx8217;s a map, it prompts me to View Map and it WORKS!

To me this is a critical difference - not just ease of use but actually functionality.

What I dont know yet, is if its just my settings, or if this is native BB 8800 behaviour. If someone else can try the above simple test (put the URL under Web page as well as under NOTES and try each) on thier BB ,it would be appreciated so I can confirm this is not just a local setting issue.



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