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Another update....I came back into the room before it segfaulted (what, it takes forever, I'm impatient >.<) and I noticed that it actually gets to about 43% before it segfaults. But look at this:

Pos:   0.9s     22f ( 0%)  0.00fps Trem:   0min   0mb  A-V:0.086 [0:63]
Skipping frame!
Pos:   3.0s     73f ( 0%) 52.11fps Trem:  12min  76mb  A-V:0.084 [316:64]
Skipping frame!
Pos: 729.0s  17482f (29%) 50.09fps Trem:  14min  86mb  A-V:0.083 [223:63]
Skipping frame!
./ line 26: 21227 Segmentation fault      sudo mencoder "$FILE" -ffourcc XVID -o "${FILE%.*}_bb.avi" -of avi -ovc lavc -oac lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=$VBR:acodec=mp3:abitrate=$ABR -vf scale=$RES
Why would it revert back to 29% like that? Very strange...
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