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Originally Posted by mrmikeinga
I am a 7100T user and managed to get the screen scratched in several places during a bike ride. I used Meguiars Plastx Clear Plastic Cleaner and Polish and it did a terrific jpb at removing the scratches. I strongly recommend it if you have scratches.

I also purchased a screen detector from which I learned about on this forum. Although expensive at $12.00 for one protecter, it appears to be durable to handle pretty much anythoing I'll throw at it.

Just thought this would be benefical for other users.

I wanted to give my two cents on the screen detector. I didn't find the product helpful mainly because I keep my phone in my pocket and after a few days, the screen started falling off and dirt and dust started getting underneath the screen until the screen lost its stickiness. And I did follow the directions on installing the screen. I think I used the screen a total of 5 or 6 days and just gave up. I fugure if I get any more scratches I'll just use the Meguiars Plastx Clear Plastic Cleaner and Polish which can be purchased at any auto store.