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Yes. Charge-Discharge is good for all BlackBerries done on an occasional basis. Top-off should be a regular habit, but it's not a good idea to "never discharge" your BlackBerry. It varies from battery to battery, but an occasional full discharge is actually good for the battery.

Most people will end up discharging their BlackBerry occasionally during regular use, to condition the battery, but lithium batteries do not need much conditioning often at all. For me, it happens about once or twice a month just because I forgot my charger or similiar.

There are new lithium technologies that can retain 98% of power even after 1000 full cycles. Within a few years, it will probably no longer really matter if you frequently deep-cycle your lithium battery or just topping it off, or a mix of both.

At the moment, the best is a mix of two, in order to get the best lifetime usage out of the battery. Err on the side of topping it off, with just an occasional full discharge (to auto shutoff) to recondition the battery.
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