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Originally Posted by elazarus
It has been over 3-4 months and it still has not learned.....I spend more time choosing from the choices on the meny beofre I can go on...if I don't choose it types the wrong word.

Sounds like you are looking at the screen while the word is being typed. You need to have a little faith. Many times it isn't until the last letter of a word is typed that the correct word is shown. I can type just about anything, not looking at the sentence or even a paragraph until finished, and, assuming no typos, I rarely have to correct one word (with the exception of typing 'see' and having the 7100 assume 'are' as first choice). It is amazing how few words utilize the same key combinations by the time you finish typing them. If I need to spell certain names or places that I suspect in advance won't be interpreted correctly I just quickly switch over to multi-tap then back again.

Open the MemoPad app and just experiment, typing the following while looking just at the keys and without looking at the screen:

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