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Originally Posted by Peterino View Post
Hi guys, well... after a few months of happy usage, my pearl finally started to kick up a stink.
When I take pictures, they simply save as empty files, and in the preview menu, they appear as the typical white square with a red cross. I'm pretty mad, cos I took some good pics of my birthday and they havent come out.
Can anyone help? I'm using the original card, and the pictures are saving to my device memory.
What's more odd than your problem is that no one has responded to your post. What did you do, piss everyone off?

Anyway, have you done the battery reset? That usually fixes any and all operating system issues, including the camera functions.

The Pearl does not have a reset button. While you should install Metsfan's FREE software battery reset program, for now reset the Pearl the way the manual says to do it.

Pull out the battery, wait 5 seconds, reinsert it.

Report back on what happened after the reset.

And here is a link to Metsfan's site for the Soft Reset program. DON'T FORGET TO DONATE FOR IT. By the way, MetsFan is a BBF member. So his programettes are safe.

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