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I believe everyone should understand something.

Being a moderator (although i have no experience here) is a job with great responsibility. Not only the responsibility to make sure there are no bad post or members getting out of hand, but also to make sure info is accurate and up to date. this means finding info and checking on things that they themselves may not know. The members of this board are extremely lucky to have knowledgable moderators who respond to questions, whether simple or advanced. Other boards i have been to, i have never seen a moderator post except to say things like "watch it buddy, your getting out of hand"
Your questions may be new to you, or using a forum board may be new, but the admins and moderators have gone out of their way to make this forum as user friendly as possible. They have included a search feature so that topics that havent been addressed before or variations of a similar question can be easily seen, rather than (and no offense to anyone who has posted one of these, myself probably included) "please HELP, ringtones needed" or "themes possible" <--- that one was mine when i was a noobie
Please understand that it can become tiresome and if your having a bad day as we all have sometimes, a little unnerving. Cut the moderators and admin a break, their people too. we could all use to show a little appreciation.
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