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Lightbulb RE: backup of 3rd party applications

Originally Posted by zimbu1234 View Post
I know there is a thread in here somewhere but i couldn't find it with the search, mainly because I do not know what search criteria to be.

I know you are supposed to use the switch device option in DM, but I am not sure where it saves it.

Anyone know where?

Maybe it should be added to the FAQ.
If you don't read anything else: Support for backup and restore of third-party application persistent data and settings is not guaranteed!

Application is a loose term. So first, a few definitions:

Module - these are the files that the BlackBerry uses to load and execute your application - some modules are applications, some are libraries used by other application modules. Third-party application software modules are backed up automatically when you use the BlackBerry Desktop Manager's backup utility.

Persistent Application Data and Settings - this includes things like user preferences, and any specialized application storage (like a song database). Since there is quite a bit of flexibility provided to the developer in terms of how persistent application data and settings may be stored, RIM requires an application to explicitly provide backup and restore functionality via implementing key synchronization interfaces. Therefore, support for backup and restore of third-party applications is not guaranteed (i.e. the developers' need to explicitly support it).

It might be possible that a third-party application might provide and alternate backup and restore strategy that does not involve the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. To me, this is less desirable since it forces you the user to do more work to ensure that your device is properly restored. For example, if you perform an OS upgrade and all your third-party apps explicitly supported RIM's backup/restore, then once the upgrade is complete, you can immediately use your third-party applications without delay. However, if your third-party applications do not explicitly support RIM's backup/restore you will either have to re-populate the data manually or follow some other backup/restore procedure before you can start using your third-party applications.

So, the moral of this story is "make sure third-party applications explicitly provide RIM backup/restore" before purchasing them or lobby them to do so.

clear as mud?
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