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Originally Posted by manpreet View Post
I WAS going to ask this question in a new topic but found this similar one so I figured I'd piggy-back if that's ok with you guys.

I have a new, week old, 8700g that came equipped with standard accessories out of the box (including the thick USB cable). I also happen to have a VZ Wireless XV6700 Pocket PC device that has a closely identical (but thinner) mini-USB to USB cable that can be used for data and recharging.

Since I'd like to leave one cable plugged in the pc at home AND a pc at work (same laptop, just using a dock), without having to buy another cable, do you think (from what you know) that the mini-USB/USB cable from the VZ Wireless XV6700 should be ok? I will be honest ...I have used it to charge and sync my 8700g without issues, but only tried a few times...I don't know what the long term implications are, if any. I don't know if these cables are made to regulate the actual current transferred to charge the device, especially a device OTHER than the one it came with.

If anyone knows anything of this or has prior experience of this nature, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks in advance.

Oops, sorry...I'm gonna get slapped! I just realized this was a 7100 series discussion. I was searching "USB" when I found this post and forgot it was in the 7100 section...sorry guys, I'll move it out to the 8700 section. Thanks for understanding.