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Originally Posted by AcoosticAnt View Post

I bought a BB 7130e through alltel about 6 months ago and have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. I must say I wish I had been a little more patient and waited for the new ones that don't use the wheel on the side.

To be honest, when I bought it originally I chose a BB because that is all I ever heard about. They seemed to be much more popular in the corporate world than the windows based smart phones.

Could someone please tell me why? Why do people who do research choose BB over windows based? My brother just bought a windows based smart phone and when he asks me what makes my BB better, I would like to give him a answer.

Nothing extravagant required...just a few simple (but techincal) answers will suffice.

Thanks guys (and gals)!

the blackberry does email and it does it WELL. it was made for portable email and it works really well and the most efficient way. it waits for emails and doesn't have to constantly log in to check. RIM takes care of that for you with their servers. the only negative side is that when RIM's servers go down, which have been rather frequent over this year (2007), your device becomes a brick. unless you can log into a web client through the browser, the blackberry becomes just an oversized cell phone.

battery life on the blackberry is nice. it's just an overall great package and i think RIM knows what they are doing when it comes to business solutions.