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What about if your on a BIS? How is a BB more secure? I have my own company and we have 6 BB 7520's and 7100i's which are all on a BIS. I hate my 7100i, but I hated the screen on my 7520 even more (another subject).

I like the fact that it just works, I have never had a Treo but I have used Palm devices and they occasionally lock up, this usually because I put all kinds of software on it. BB's take one heck of a beating! I have drop kicked mine more than a few times as it pops out of the holster or I am just clumsy with it. I dropped my palm 3 one time and the screen cracked. The only time I reboot my BB is when I drop it hard enough and the battery pops out . This is the biggest reason I have not switched yet, and the people that work for me are even clumsier with their phones. Are all BB's this rugged, or just the Nextel versions?

I wish BB would make an executive model that would do pictures, video, streaming video, and everything else the Treo does. I understand that some people work in fields that don't allow cameras and such but there are a lot of BB users that don't need restrictions on use.