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Originally Posted by louman226 View Post

I’m not sure if I’m posting this is the right place, but here goes…

I have a Cingular Blackberry 8800 and am planning to study in Denmark for four months in the fall. I’m trying to figure out what to do about phone usage while there. I got Cingular to unlock my bb, and I would ideally like to purchase some sort of European SIM card to use on my bb8800. Otherwise, I think I would have to purchase some sort of “go-phone” while over there.

Googling “Denmark cell phone plans” was pretty unsuccessful for me, and I was wondering if anyone knew more about what my options would be. Most results I found were just for things like calling cards or plans for minutes, but I had trouble finding data packages as well. Can anyone help me?

2 options, roam using a partner of Cingular to still get your data.(i dont know cingualrs plans) but I am sure its expensive


use it for phone, no data and get a pre-paid sim. good thing about Europe is that you wont pay for incoming. also take into account if you will spend your entire 4 months in Denmark or travel as well. Orange has service there, but only on 900mz, but has service in alot of other countries.

TDC and Sonfone have service on 900/1800

Also here is a good GSM site, I have sent you to Denmark

GSM Roaming - Denmark

remember, when you get there, it will be different when you ask around who is the best in that country. I lived in Germany, so its the best I know.

Have fun and enjoy!
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