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Originally Posted by jexcel89 View Post
Ok frustrated gmail + BIS 2.3 users, I am one of the same and finally got some explaining from the RIM pros themsevels.
I was on the phone with them last night for two hours.

1. BIS 2.3 servers had a "service pack 1" installed the weekend of June 23.
(I am on verizon, but suspect RIM rolled this out for all USA?)
this could have helped / hurt the situation, but I remain skeptical.

2. the REAL crux of my issues (only getting some gmail emails via BIS2.3 and the reconcilliantion being TOTALLY random and deleting the wrong emails off BB8830) was related to this RIM knowledgebase article:

you can search for this kb at the RIM support site

see the Cause 3:
summary: when the gmail pop3 server mesg list has 400+ messages in it, gmail+BIS 2.3 starts getting confused as to which mesg is which.
RIM tells me this is because gmails pop3 server does "non standard" things over the 400 amount.

fix: log into gmail, go to Settings and turn off pop, save changes. then turn it right back on (for new mails only).
this "resets" the pop 400+ index number, down to 0 - which starts increasing again with new incoming mails.

I have done this with success so far, receiving all new emails since. Obviously we the users need to keep pressuring RIM support (via your phone carrier) and gmail gurus to FIX this 400+ pop3 index list problem!

Being a sysadmin, I've not seen another pop3 client have this issue with gmail 400+ POP indexes, but apparently RIMs BIS does. :(
I skirt this issue by going into GMail every so often and archiving messages to get them out of the inbox.
I h8 txtspk.