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Originally Posted by datafirm
Indeed, thanks for the extra input. This is the first time with a BB. I am still a little surprised that there is no email client. I read that is does support IMAP with the default BB 7100. If it does indeed support IMAP IDLE then I can get my own push from my mail server. If this is completely not possible let me know. I would love to have my IMAP folders so I will try those other apps out when I get the phone.

I wont cancel my order just yet. I want to give it a chance. I just hope its not too big and heavy.

Thanks again!
Tell me why you want IMAP and that will help someone tell you if the Bberry will work out. I guess you don't lose anything from trying it out, regardless.

It doesn't do IMAP the way you think it does. When they say it supports IMAP what they mean is that the web application that runs up there in Canada will login to your IMAP server on your behalf and forward messages to your BlackBerry.

That's it.

It doesn't sync folders. It doesn't sync period - so you can't use the actual features of IMAP that make IMAP cool. But it will let you pull messages via IMAP and zap them to your Bberry if you have your account provisioned for Blackberry data.