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Default 10 reasons why I'm sticking with my 8100 and not getting an iPhone.

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Ok. Many of you out there may be wanting, or have purchased an iPhone in the last week. Now, I was one of you at one point. I DID want an iPhone. Not anymore.

Thanks to some research, and a few good programs i've come to the conclusion that my Blackberry is WAY better than an iPhone.

Here's why:

1. Keyboard.
Now, depending on which Blackberry model you have, you'll either have a full qwerty or you'll have a suretype keypad. Either way, you can use multiple fingers to text, email, or IM and not touch a screen with one finger and grease up your screen. If I wanted a touch screen, I'd get a PPC or a Treo.

2. Email.
Yes, I use Yahoo! for email. But it's not my primary. I use it for MySpace logging in, some forum boards, and to receive stuff from my girlfriend. I also use Gmail, and my PERSONAL BLACKBERRY EMAIL that is pushed to my handset as soon as it's sent. Do you get that with the iPhone? No. Did Apple say, "hey, you dropped 600+ dollars on a phone, we'll give you a .mac address."? No. Another plus.

3. Visual Voicemail.
Ok, it's a cool built in feature on the iPhone, but thanks to Word, I now have a visual voicemail program on my Blackberry.... And it's free. Eat that Apple.

4. Programs.
Ok, the iPhone is secure. That's a given, but if I have to load ALL of my apps through Safari and use web based programs. I like being able to do what I want when I want. I don't want to wait to load a new tab to get on AIM, or do whatever. On top of that.. The programs available for the Blackberry are endless. Not only can I do EVERYTHING the iPhone can as far as listen to music, get on the web, look at pictures, and make phone calls, but I can listen to XM on my Blackberry. There is so much more that I can do on top of all of that.

5. Activation.
Plain and simple. I can walk out of an AT&T store with a working Blackberry. I don't have to hook it to iTunes.

6. Music.
Ok... I don't have 8 gigs of music on my phone. I have around 2. But it isn't what I've purchased on iTunes. It's what I've pulled off my computer and added to my TransFlash card.

7. Camera.
I have one. Don't care what the iPhone has. Blackberries have 1.3mp and 2.0mp. iPhone has a 2.0.

8. Ringtones.
Ok, this may not seem that big, but go to your local mall and listen. Who uses the factory ringtone for their phone? Which one of your friends that have T Mobile use the T Jingle? What about the ATT Tune? Who uses the Nokia tone? Hardly anyone! It's about being an individual... You choose a ringtone based on what you like and your mood. Most likely it's an actual song. I don't want to hear the stupid iPhone tune EVERYTIME my phone rings!!! I like knowing that when I hear Punk Rock Princess from Something Corporate, it's my girlfriend. I want to be able to know when my friends call, it's a different ringtone.. Co-workers... Same thing.

9. Hardware.
My Blackberry uses a standard USB cable. iPhone uses a proprietary cable. I can use ANY headphones I want. I may need an adapter that I can get for about 5 bucks, but it'll work. I don't have to use special headphones with my phone. I can use my friend's Razr charger, I can use my friend's PPC charger. I can use a USB cable from a digital camera and charge my phone. Can the iPhone? No.

10. Business Factor.
What grown man in the business world would use an iPhone? No one I know. In my office it's PPCs, Treos, and Blackberries only. And I work for AT&T.

There ya go. Maybe if you haven't wasted your money yet, you'll think twice before getting one.

Just my two cents.
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