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Back when we discussed this in Jan-Feb of 07 I said that the touch screen and fixed battery would be the iPhone's biggest downfalls. I took the position that you simply cannot have a fixed or built-in battery on a cell phone. And typing on a touch screen is impractical and nonsense.

That aside, iPhone owners are complaining that to replace the battery one has to return the phone to Apple and pay a $86 fee to have the defective battery replaced. iPhone owners are upset that the battery is not covered under warranty. Plus if they want a temp phone to use while the one is in the shop having the battery replaced, add $30 to the $86. [Of course, this does not address that in between the time one is sending the phone and when the problem developed, one is presumably without a phone. As many of you know, even 24 hours without a phone is a crisis].

Also, iPhone owners are complaining that battery life is not as long as advertised [duh, I said that before, that manufacturers exaggerate, aka lie, about battery life].

Some people have reported on the Net that they have dropped their new phones and the glass screen shattered and the phone became inoperable. [No surprise there].

Lastly, reports are in from eBay that sellers hoping to cash in big by selling their iPhone[s] on eBay for thousands have in fact mostly broke even. After taxes and eBay fees, the iPhone has cost sellers about $675. Average selling price of the iPhone on eBay has been about $700. Of course, this does not include calculation of the time one spent standing in line.

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