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Default Mixed 2000/2003 and now 2007

Originally Posted by garycutri View Post
If you have Exchange Systems Manager 2003 installed on the BES server it will fully support Exchange 2003 but won't fully sync with Exchange 2007 (e.g. Calendar sync doesn't work). If you remove Exchange System Manager and install "MAPI Client and Collaboration Data Objects 1.2.1" it will fully support Exchange 2007 but will have sync issues with Exchange 2003 (e.g. Calendar sync doesn't work).
Perhaps you could give some advice, since we're in a worse situation. I have a 2000 box that BES was working with using a W2k3 box and 2003 Exch console (not sure of any missing functions but mail works fine). I added a 2007 server (to get all 2000 user over in a few weeks), and set up a second BES box on a clean W2k3 server, installed the new CDO - followed all instructions and it worked great for those on 2007.

Unfortunately I used the same SRP key and the next day the old BES got disconnected. Then the new box the same. Called BB had them reset it and now the new box is up.

Can you advise on the best direction to take here:
- delay moving users to 2007 until all BB users can go at once, and bring that box up
- get a temp SRP key (sorry haven't researched that yet) so both can run at the same time

I'm kind of screwed now since the users are on the new BES box and I'm not sure I can move them to the other one without it running the service to get them to the other box. I suppose I could uninstall the 07 CDO and install the 2003 Exch objects on the new box to tide it all over until they are migrated.
Any advice is much appreciated, since we already look bad enough to the users at this point.
PS thanks for the write up - it was very helpful.

Update - I found the post on IEMTest.exe and it showed we were missing rights on one mail store. All is working fine on the new BES with 2007 CDO. I also tested what you said about the Appointments, and it does send to the mailbox on 2000 and shows correctly in teh calendar - at least until the next DST change.

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