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Originally Posted by rockstarbaun View Post
Hi all. This is my first post to this forum. I travel between 1-2wk/month to the UK. I'm currently on Sprint using a Treo 650. Since it doesn't work overseas, I have cheapy UK Virgin phone I use just for calls + texting. For emails, I have to rely on the laptop. Well, my contract is over and want to get either the 8830 or 8800 (pending carrier) and consolidate phones. My questions are:

* if overseas with the 8830 and SIM card, will I still get my emails etc (e.g., just like if I was in NYC) or will I be stuck with basically just local phone/text usage, local # and no contacts - basically like having my other Virgin phone. Obviously, if I have a TMobile/AT&T phone, it would work like normal in the UK. But it would be great to have get local rates but still have the blackberry function just like back @home.
I just got my Sprint 8830 ... it is great!

Yes; in the UK with it, you will get all of your email as if you were in the US. If you choose to, you will also get all of your calls to your phone number ... again - just as if you were home. If you are a heavy phone user while abroad, the Sprint 8830 can also take a Vodaphone/O2/T-Mobile SIM in the UK (but you'd obviously then have a different phone number while using their SIM).

For AT&T or T-Mobile, to use a Vodaphone/O2 etc SIM, you'd have to get the phone unlocked. I think TMO requires 90 days as a subscriber before they'll unlock a phone ... AT&T is harder to get them to do it. Verizon won't unlock their 8830 at all, you must use Vodaphone and the rates VZ negotiated.