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Default VZW Treo user looking to switch to an 8830 (AKA don't kill the new guy!)

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Hello all

I currently have a Treo 700p and I just can't stand it any longer! It freezes up on me all the time, I have to reset it, etc.

I run my own small business doing lighting design, photography and corporate production. I am on the road, A LOT, and being in touch through phone and email is very important. Since it's my own business, I have one phone for business and personal use. Last month I logged over 2400 minutes with my treo, and quite a bit of data.

I am considering the 8830, have been doing a lot of research, but have a few reservations and questions.

First and foremost, ringtone volume and vibrate. I have read a LOT of complaints about the ringtones on this phone, and that the vibrate sucks. Being a contractor, if I miss a call or email, that could be a missed job if they just keep on going down the list! I have read a lot of griping about it, and I came up with my own idea. I'm sure someone else has thought of this before, but, this phone supports MP3 ringtones, correct? What happens if you boost the volume of the MP3 before putting it on the phone?

And on the subject of ringtones, can you assign a different one for different people/groups without 3rd party software?

Next subject: Freezing. My treo has almost ended up on the side of the highway quite a few times. I understand nothing is perfect, BUT, locking up and having to be reset more than once or twice a month is unacceptable. I have read conflicting things about the 8830 freezing on other forums, and am hoping that it is not a problematic thing. BB is supposed to be the most stable platform out there, right?

Next subject: Tethering. I have also read a lot about tethering the phone. on my Treo, I use USBmodem for occasional web browsing, looking at some contract calendars, emailing attachments, etc. I do all my work on Macs, and my portable is a MacBook Pro. I feel that I already pay VZW upwards of $130/mo, I'm not giving them an extra $15 for a few minutes of tethering access a month. Are there any programs that are comprable to USBmodem for the BB?

Lastly, is there anything else I should know as I consider switching? words of wisdom? programs that are a "must have?"