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Originally Posted by gbkworf View Post
This is my first post. I am strongly considering the new 8830 from Verizon. I know Blackberry is far more stable then Windows Mobil, but I have 2 concerns.
First, it is EV-DO and apparently not up-gradable to Rev. A ÖIs that a real big difference in speed? Should I be concerned about it? Second issue is I have noticed far less software for the BB. Are vendors righting more and more software for them. I guess I can wait for Verizonís release of the HTC 6800 just released on Sprint as the Mogul. It is Rev A ..WM 6. Itís very tuff to know which is a better phone.
Thanks for helping
You're really not going to notice a huge difference between EV-DO and Rev. A. Especially where data (email, texts, etc) is concerned. Web browsing is already incredibly fast on EV-DO, so I'm not sure how much faster Rev. A makes it or how noticeable that difference would be.

As for your second concern, ask yourself what software it is you're using and why and then ask if it would be applicable to a BB should you have one. I had a Treo and all that "neat" software that would continually crash my device when I used it. Since switching to BlackBerry I haven't noticed or cared about too many add ons. At first I thought I'd miss the Office editing stuff, but then I realized I virtually NEVER had to edit a document on my phone, nor would I want to.

To the folks who have concerns the very best thing you can do is simply try out the device for thirty days and see if it fits your needs. As someone who has used both, I'd be shocked if you didn't find that the 8830 blew away what you had been previously using.