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Originally Posted by dvaskelis View Post
Having done work for a major carrier, I offer a bit of speculation. Ok, a lot of speculation.

What if Verizon Wireless turned off the GPS for a reason outside of simply being able to charge for it as a feature? I can imagine they will offer spoken turn-by-turn navigation software as a monthly service (just like Sprint does with their Sprint Navigation) but other carriers haven't disabled the GPS to other applications like Google Maps.

What if it effects battery life? (a common reason to disable mobile phone hardware features) Or stability? (another highly common reason) And that's really the fix we're waiting for?

Perhaps some BlackBerry addict with a lot of time on their hands can offer a true comparative review of the Verizon Wireless vs. Sprint 8830 and see if the battery life is any different at all?

If it really was all about squeezing every dime out of monthly feature fees, I bet they would have launched with VZ Navigator available, or some other navigation feature. I put my money instead on some kind of fix or tweak that'll show up 3-6 months after the phone launch, allow the GPS to be used by Google Maps or other applications, and at the same time debut a Verizon spoken turn-by-turn service. And rather than two releases, it'll be all one release that also enables Get It Now...
with all do respect why not post this in one of the many other threads. This is a very good point indeed.