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Originally Posted by discobay
Do you use your BB just for data then?

You didn't direct this at me, but you seem to be interested in why somebody would use a data only plan...

I too use earthlink and pay $39 a month for the unlimited plan (data only/no voice).

My home based business requires me to stay in constant contact with clients whether it is by email, instant messaging, or the web.

I've also been blessed with a full time job that is laid back enough that I am able to do this pretty effectively. (I work in a factory. My job is to monitor the machines. As long as they are running, and they are 95% of the time, I really have nothing else to do).

Being locked into a US Ceullar contract I have no use for a voice plan at this time. Even when the contract is up, Cingular, in my opinion, offers much better family plans than Earthlink does when you consider the fact that we use our cell phones as our primary phone lines (no home phone line, most of our family uses Cingular too).

For those reasons, and the fact that incoming calls on BBs always get directed to voicemail while using the data network, are why use the data only plan.

I'm sure there are other reasons why people will order the data only plans...