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Default I Understand!

I also made the move from the 7250 to the 8703e on Verizon, right after my 7250 found its way to the bottom of a lake. Here's how I've coped so far:

1. Resigned myself to the fact that the 7250 is gone.

2. Convinced myself that the louder ring is worth something.

3. Told myself that the animation of the local weather map is valuable.

4. Rejoiced over the fact that the LCD screen is no longer exposed and that I don't need another $20 screen protector.

5. Admitted that the 8703e is faster at everything it does.

What I can't seem to forget:

1. The 7250 screen was MUCH better outside or in bright light.

2. That like you, I HATE the fact that I can't hang up a call with the side button.

3. I'm getting older and the 7250 keyboard was easy to see and work. The 8703 keys are different colors and closer together. I don't like 'em.

I always said that there was one thing that I really liked about the 7250 and one thing that I hated. The thing that I liked was the size. It was BIG! The thing that I hated was the size. It was BIG! Ultimately, I decided that I needed that wide keyboard and wouldn't worry about how clumsy it was to carry.

Your biggest gripe seems to be with the carrying case. I scrapped mine on the second day and bought one at Best Buy. It's a BlackBerry product, and it's been perfect.

The longer I have the 8703e, the better I like it. But there are things that it will never do as well as my old one. If they could put the 7250 guts in a slightly larger 8703 case and make all of the buttons white, I'd be almost completely happy. If they'd make it float, that would be the ultimate.