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Hi guys.

Thanks for the welcome from everyone. I guess I was a bit quick to say "you guys", when it is really just JSanders I have a problem with; he even said "No, I did. There is no "you guys" involved." in reference to "slamming the door in my face."

I was running a pretty high fever and I've been sick the last 2 days, so maybe that had something to do with my hasty decisions to complain about all this. I shouldn't let one person's actions or unfriendliness impact my decision to chat with all of you. I changed all of my user info because I wanted nothing to do with this anymore, I was just going to leave. I can't find any way to delete my account or this post even. I'd rather the whole incident didn't happen.

JSanders, I don't agree with your decision to move my "Hi - New Member Introduction" post to a different discussion. Was it because I stated what brought me to and because I included the link to where we were discussion that? If that was the problem, it could have been edited or whatever. Instead you seem to claim that my post was too long and I should've kept it shorter? I'm not even sure. I finally found where it was moved to, in the general discussion for a phone I don't even have! I found that link via Google and paid no attention to what it was under - only that it dealt with the problem I had with the "Emergency Call" (please don't take me mentioning this HERE as a reason to move this post!)

I wasn't aware there was a limit imposed by you. Maybe you should put that in the FAQ. The way you treated me right from the start gave me a bad impression of this board as a whole, and that's a shame.