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Originally Posted by Xaneth View Post
You know, I find the forum a little hard to swallow at times. My main problem lies in a couple of areas. I read a thread earlier, "Hating My Blackberry" found here, and closed:

Hating my Blackberry

The moderator jumped the guy straight off the bat. He had some valid complaints, and the moderator jumped him saying that "Lol, you are showing your ignorance about the subject."

Of course the guy is ignorant of BB, that's why he's out here. Wow, what a warm welcome to the forums. I thought the premise of this forum was to help newbies understand why BB is better than any other PDA solution out there, not to jump them because they have limited experience! To give credibility to the moderators, juwaack68, put it into MUCH better perspective by replying with some tips, and places to get started. JSanders continued to rag on the guy. A bunch of people jumped on the ragging bandwagon thinking that slinky came out to "bash" the BB. His title was a little obscure, but he wasn't "bashing" he just didn't understand that BB is NOT a PDA, it's a BB. Rather than trying to make the BB fit the mold of a PDA, someone needed to explain that you have to conform to the PDA. A couple of people did state that BB isn't for everyone, and it's true, though it is the leader and stable as hell. The point here is that this forum, and many of its moderators could use to be more courteous, and not attack people as they come in.

I remember my first experience here. I had a BES question and tried posting a screen shot, but the forum would not let me because I hadn't "contributed" enough. So I posted 10 times so I could shed some light on the issue I was having and immediately got bashed by moderators. Not sure what's wrong with the people who run this board, but it's pretty blatant. Maybe there is some truth to "crackberry", and people are going through information withdrawals. A little too many "control freaks" out here that have to be right all the time, constantly finding out how they can be right and anyone else can be wrong. I see that sort of juvenile, egotistic behavior at the work place as well, and usually the ones that "have to be right" all the time, are the ones that end up with a foot in their a** in the end, standing there looking like the fool the entire time they rant around.

The moderators should have moderators.
I think you are way wrong slinky came in here like a bat out of hell and he was promptly fed what he was dishing out.

And for the record this should have been in the rants and raves section..