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Originally Posted by Pizzle View Post
I'm sure you'll find me too abrasive for offering criticism, but the thread you point out involved no interest in getting help. It was simply a thread to bash a product many on here feel strongly about, in a positive way. His title wasn't "obscure". It was blatant. Attack us fanboys, and you're likely to get a bit of venom in return. Approach the fine people of this forum with a bit of respect for the product we love, and you're likely to find that we share in some of the same frustrations.

And for the record, your issue with 10 posts is a safeguard against spam and BS being posted on here before we can get to it.

Approach a situation/question/problem with professionalism, and you'll be treated the same. The opposite typically yields a different response.

But either way, like Slinky, you have an opportunity to voice your opinion. Noted. And moving to Rants and Raves, because "General Blackberry Discussion" is designed for General Blackberry Issues. Yours is with the site and its members. Not a handheld.

***Moving to Rants and Raves***
Thanks for the move. So you're saying that you don't have captcha in place for attachments? Interesting... I haven't gotten one piece of spam on any of my forums...