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Originally Posted by bmwmpower View Post
Someone on craig's list wants to trade their Nokia E61 for my unlocked 8800. Love my 8800... but the E61 seems to have better multimedia and WIFI!!! Plus I like chaning up phones. Would you guys do it? I'm not a heavy e-mail user...
Well, I had an E61 for about 5 days, until I returned it. I didn't like some of the features, like:
- having to go through the bluetooth pairing with my jabra earpiece twice a day
- When answering a call on my bluetooth earpiece, half the time it would hang up after 5 seconds
- email notification didn't work on vodafone UK. There was no audible notification at all: nokia blamed vodafone and vodafone blamed nokia, and I was told by voda that there will never be a fix.
- The machine was slow
- it had a tendency to crash, though I only needed to pop the battery three or four times a day to reset it.
- the UI was "fiddly" to get around. Nokia have really lost the plot by making their user interfaces far too complex. Options seemed to be dotted around all over the place
- Sending emails meant 10 or so keypresses just to send the damn thing
- Couldn't get voip to work. Well, it would work once for a bit and then crash.
- battery life not good

Good points were:
- the screen is nice
- you don't have to have one

Went over to blackberry after that and haven't looked back. If you like having your emails arrive, and you like being able to send an email without having to go through hoops just to confirm it, then you're better off with a blackberry,