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Originally Posted by penguin3107 View Post
The OP clearly stated that this is PROOF that Verizon is advertising fully functional GPS in the 8830, and could be used in a class-action lawsuit. It's simply not proof of anything, and this is far from a litigous issue.
Ok first, they put the ad they it has a functioning GPS, the law states all phones must be capable of doing E911 so why would they put that as a highlighted feature? Plus, I was just addressing the fact that something like this might result in a class action. Remember the v710?
Originally Posted by penguin3107 View Post
My angst with this topic has more to do with this forum being flooded topics such as these, which all say the exact same thing. There's no need to start more duplicate topics which only end up as flame wars.
I'm not an idiot, I've had Verizon for years and delt with their crap. This was just so people who said that Verizon never claimed a GPS could be proved wrong. (In the nicest manner) This is the only topic of its kind. Check out my history on HowardForums and see what I've done before.
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I may not agree with Verizon's decision to cripple GPS... but what bothers me even more are the crybabies and whiners who think they can change the world with threats of class-action lawsuits which, in the end, only result in the lining of the pockets of lawyers who could not care less about your personal plight.
I was involved in the Moto v710 suit. I got cash back from that, and now look, the phones can do a little bit more with their Bluetooth, so it does result in something.
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This topic has been discussed to death and it's simply time for people to move on.
Again, this is the only topic of its type.