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Originally Posted by JRSCCivic98 View Post
That's BS man and if you think about it for a sec you'd realize that it's just as trivial to think that by doing this it'll change Verizon's way of doing business. If you think everyone making threats of lawsuits and complaining to media/legal resources about the problem is a trivial way of getting Verizon to change their tactics on the matter so is your way of thinking. Changing to another carrier isn't going to cripple VZW's cashflow enough to do squat. Even if you took everyone that bought an 8830 and moved them to a new carrier it wouldn't do squat. Yeah, your idea is just as trivial.

Also, honestly, if a class action lawsuit forced VZW to enable the GPS to full functionality I could care less who's pockets got lined, because unfortunatly we live in a country where unless you have a lot of money, the average joe needs to escalate their lawsuits to "class action" status in order to be able to get the lawsuit financed enough to stand against the big dogs.

And the more of these threads we have with various points and documentation being shown the better. It shows that people want this to change. One big thread burried in the GPS Forums (idiot move BTW) is not the way to get viewable traffic on this.

blah blah blah say something new you sound like a broken reocord.. keep calling the mods idiots i cant wait till they ban you