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Originally Posted by penguin3107 View Post
My angst with this topic has more to do with this forum being flooded topics such as these, which all say the exact same thing. There's no need to start more duplicate topics which only end up as flame wars.

I support an enterprise wireless network of over 100 Verizon BlackBerry devices... several of which are 8830 handhelds. I don't need to use the device personally in order to be familiar with the GPS "controversy" regarding the 8830.

I may not agree with Verizon's decision to cripple GPS... but what bothers me even more are the crybabies and whiners who think they can change the world with threats of class-action lawsuits which, in the end, only result in the lining of the pockets of lawyers who could not care less about your personal plight.

The bottom line is that people who bought the 8830 with the intention of using it for GPS navigation simply didn't do their due diligence in making sure the device suited their needs before they purchased. Caveat emptor.

This topic has been discussed to death and it's simply time for people to move on.

Go with another carrier and another device if you need fully-functional GPS.
When I bought my 8830, I knew the GPS had been disabled. I was irritated, but I made the move anyway since the 8830 was still a better device for me than my Treo 700p (which didn't have GPS, either)

So I guess I agree with you about some of these people trying to blame Verizon for their own lack of due diligence.

However, when I see the (numerous) threads complaining about Verizon and GPS, I simply don't click on the thread; the only reason I clicked on this one was the "proof" issue (which turned out to be less than compelling). You, on the other hand, take a different (and MUCH more time-consuming) approach. I still don't get it - but it's your time, not mine, so I suppose I don't have to.