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Originally Posted by derekfiveo View Post
I am currently looking at the Blackberry 8830 and the Motorola Q as I want a phone that I can use a bluetooth GPS system on. My friend has Cingular (AT&T) and runs Destinator with a HOLUX GPS 236 receiver. I have been reading a bit about how Verizon has disabled GPS on the 8830? is that the Bluetooth GPS programs that everyone is talking about or something totally different?

I know the Q runs windows mobile so It would probably be easy to put programs on it for the bluetooth GPS to work. But I really like the looks of the Blackberry a lot more, so will the blackberry run a GPS that isnt verizons?

Also can you mess around with blackberry's or are they like apple computers and you really cant do to much to them?
8830 has built in GPS so you wouldnt need a bluetooth reciver, however Verizion has disabled it but there are talks now that they will send a patch to enable it because people are complaining. but either way it should work fine with your bluetooth reciver if they dont enable the internal one. also the same device on Sprint has enabled GPS but you probably want Verizon right?

For the second question, there is a lot you can do and can be found on these forums but I'm sure its not as much as people do the Windows Mobile platform.