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All of my logs including MAGT are set to 4. should i bump it to 5 maybe?

Anywho. User got this reminder again for July 27, 2007 9:00 am July 27, 2007 9:30am.

Trying to click to open - appointment appears with no subject line or location, shows as none (for reocurrence)

I've run your script this time i enabled Calendar but can;t seem to find anything at 9:00am

this is driving me nuts

I don;t see any ref id for those calendar entries

below is your script in action

Folder Sender Recipient Subject Sent Received PR_RIM_MSG_REF_ID PR_RIM_MSG_FOLDER_ID
\Calendar Mah, Tina [NULL] Telecon HR [NULL] [NULL] [NULL] [NULL]
\Calendar Mah, Tina [NULL] Balance of care data submission [NULL] [NULL] [NULL] [NULL]
\Calendar Mah, Tina [NULL] Lissa [NULL] [NULL] [NULL] [NULL]
\Calendar Mah, Tina [NULL] Glenn on call [NULL] [NULL] [NULL] [NULL]
\Calendar Mah, Tina [NULL] Hair cut [NULL] [NULL] [NULL] [NULL]
\Calendar Mah, Tina [NULL] Dentist [NULL] [NULL] [NULL] [NULL]
\Calendar Mah, Tina [NULL] Dentist [NULL] [NULL] [NULL] [NULL]
\Calendar Mah, Tina [NULL] Vacation [NULL] [NULL] [NULL] [NULL]
\Calendar Mah, Tina [NULL] Helen [NULL] [NULL] [NULL] [NULL]

\Calendar Mah, Tina [NULL] Inta on-call 7/20/2007 14:47 7/20/2007 14:47 [NULL] [NULL]
\Calendar Mah, Tina [NULL] Tina on-call 7/20/2007 14:48 7/20/2007 14:48 [NULL] [NULL]
\Calendar Mah, Tina [NULL] Kim on-call 7/20/2007 14:49 7/20/2007 14:49 [NULL] [NULL]
\Calendar Mah, Tina [NULL] Glenn on-call 7/20/2007 14:49 7/20/2007 14:49 [NULL] [NULL]
\Calendar Mah, Tina [NULL] Brent on-call 7/20/2007 14:49 7/20/2007 14:49 [NULL] [NULL]
\Calendar Poll, Chris [NULL] Canceled: Operational Planning - Latest Version 7/23/2007 8:52 7/23/2007 8:52 [NULL] [NULL]
\Calendar Gra, Claire [NULL] Follow up to meeting with WWLHIN re. ALC's 7/23/2007 13:34 7/23/2007 13:34 [NULL] [NULL]
\Calendar Gra, Claire [NULL] LHINvitation - "Champions of Change" Symposium 7/23/2007 13:48 7/23/2007 13:48 [NULL] [NULL]
\Calendar Gra, Claire [NULL] Annual Report & APs 7/23/2007 15:43 7/23/2007 15:43 [NULL] [NULL]
\Calendar Be, Dawn [NULL] Canceled: Corporate Score Card Refresh Project 7/24/2007 15:29 7/24/2007 15:29 [NULL] [NULL]
\Calendar Mah, Tina [NULL] Board meeting 7/24/2007 16:29 7/24/2007 16:29 [NULL] [NULL]
\Calendar Mah, Tina [NULL] Meeting re. the P Drive 7/25/2007 0:20 7/25/2007 0:20 [NULL] [NULL]
\Calendar Mah, Tina [NULL] Research Day 7/25/2007 0:22 7/25/2007 0:22 [NULL] [NULL]
\Calendar Mah, Tina [NULL] Meeting Toronto 7/26/2007 13:52 7/26/2007 13:52 [NULL] [NULL]
\Calendar Mah, Tina [NULL] no meetings 7/26/2007 16:39 7/26/2007 16:39 [NULL] [NULL]
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