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Default RIM & Room to grow while maintaining.

Shouldn't we not be looking at raw data #'s and WHERE RIMM can go from here? Relative to the competition & KEEPING their existing subscribers.

Keeping Existing Subscribers:
1 - offering a better web-browser that is seperate from the OS "Finder" & to do the same with the media browser. IE can the 8300 browse pics & listen to music with or without A2DP headphones in use? I, like many others can create a pseudo slideshow of family photos or events taken with the inbuilt camera on a SonyEricsson K790 or just about any Motorola/SE phone, and M$ smartphones can do the same along with UIQ3 (the last I'll get too later).

2 - Finally offering native HTML email (compressed not to increase data usuage) with the ability to have an ON/OFF command on either BIS/BES directly switchable from the BBDM/HH itself. Furthermore the ability to have an HTML-Email Lite version similar to pure HTML vs WAP2.0/xHTML when browsing websites on normal phones. What I'm getting at is to have full blown (compressed of course) HTML email. The stuff that BESTBuy sends weekly about regional store deals, while still having the ability to say have banners/links just have the company html logo filled in yet not the background banner (further reducing unnecessary data usuage). I'd like to have this seperate from the BB Browser app as well!

3 - Encouraging a hand towards making Canadian & other providers worldwide to finally have a TRUE unlimited data monthly charge that is NOT capped! Don't their internal employees tire of this as well?! Is only Lazaridis & Balsilie the only two in Canada with a secret ultra PURE unlimited data plan?!


1- In Europe Symbian OS is STILL king and has been for a LONG time regardless of the shady #'s MS has posted this last year. Their making headway; but still have a hill to climb EVEN with HTC's help. RIMM has to start thinking that Consumers are NOT the only ones that wish to listening to music & view photos independently. That their potential customers are NOT willing to be limited to streaming audio/video by ONLY 3rd party vendors/apps; but the ability to view a web page - keep it static - and goto a link from email corporate or personal to a site or video directly and have the browser intelligently invoke the media player (separate audio, video & photo viewers PLEASE even if to keep it just a "Media Player" allow it to be invoked in 3 separate instances) for streaming video playback. DON'T release the 3G berry stateside or the followup to the 8707 without this ability in this day & age PLEASE!

2 - API's I still have yet to see 3rd Party apps to be able to use the Browsers Bookmarks - import & export more to the Browser (Opera Mini anyone).

3 - the Microsoft Exchange KILLER! Allow the ability to ARCHIVE - similar to a .PST File - on the MicroSD card. Heck with 2GB & 4GB on the market SERIOUSLY push the market manufacturer of Sandisk to create & release 8GB & higher. PUSH Microsft to further allow higher .PST file storage limitations. Also allow the ability in a future release or SP of BBDM V4.2.x to SYNC this MicroSD Archive to the MS .PST file or even a Domino NOTES Archive file. Both of these file types can be compressed and secured with AES on the MicroSD, and possibly whiped with the OTA Kill from BES!

> THIS ALONE will increase GROWTH through new versions of BES upgrades service support calls!

This is what generates customers, contracts, increases both and what analyst's sometimes/usually miss until its already in place, yet glorify when they find out.

Is any of this excitement that I have valid gents?
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