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Originally Posted by arazu View Post
The last two items in sub menus are somewhat dimmer and appear to have a pinkish hue. I don't see this on any other screen, only when I open a menu. Are my eyes playing tricks on me or could this be display damage? The device is 5 days old and the top buttons and trackball are very stiff. I worry that I'm pressing too hard. I know It's hard to tell without looking but experience with display damage would be appreciated. Thanks.
One way you might test it out is to pick some sort of screen that sisplays the same (or similar) colors within the exact same section of screen real estate that your sub-menus occupy, and see if you are observing the same strange color cast.

If you ARE, then this is probably a display problem (i.e. pixels and or coatings, and or backing pcb damaged in some way.

If you DO NOT though, then this is related to how your BB is telling the correctly-functioning display to color the sub menues.

Try these tests. If the second case turns out to be it, thenit is highkly unlikely that there is a physical defect in the display. Physical defects will ALWAYS show up in the same place, regardless of the content on the display.

In the meantime, I will look closely at my BB screen tomorrow and see if I notice anything similar to what you are describing.
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