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Originally Posted by erroneus View Post
But recently some update broke the thing and the fix was to add the following to the mencoder command line:

-srate 16000

I'm not sure what it does exactly but it worked. Actually, -srate 8000 was what I had originally, but when I played it back on the BB, there was no sound. So I doubled it and the sound worked.
Hmmm, the manpage says:

       -srate <Hz>
              Selects the output sample rate to be used (of course sound cards
              have  limits on this).  If the sample frequency selected is dif-
              ferent from that of the current media, the resample  or  lavcre-
              sample audio filter will be inserted into the audio filter layer
              to compensate for the difference.  The type of resampling can be
              controlled  by  the  -af-adv option.  The default is fast resam-
              pling that may cause distortion.
I'm no audio engineer but it might be that your input audio has a sampling rate that is beyond the capability of the BB device (like maybe you have 48kHz and the BB can only handle 44.1kHz) and during the conversion it's not being downsampled. I would try a higher setting that 16kHz, that's awful. Try with '-srate 22050' or '-srate 44100' (22.05 kHz and 44.1kHz) and see how that works out.

BTW, feel free to post additions to the script!
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