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Originally Posted by tiger123 View Post
Wow....I haven't been on the forum in quiet a while and I'm surprised at all the crap everyone has given me.

First I didn't start the thread to brag about money. I'm a middle class guy (Mechanical Engineer) that has been disciplined and has save a good bit in my 401ks and IRAs so over time it has built up to a decent it should. I would expect most responsible people have saved more than me since I'm only in my 30s so I didn't start the thread to brag! I actually started it because I really like Blackberrys and I think business wise they are going pretty far...but that's just my opinion! I would’ve thought the people on here would have liked Blackberrys too so I decided to start this basically say, "Hey guys I'm new but I'm like everyone else here...I love my Blackberry and I like where the company is going".

I'm a somewhat experienced investor but my timing is off sometimes like everyone else’s. Let me tell you what happened after I started this thread...

I ended up buying RIMM as it went down to an average of around 226 per share (boy it was hard to keep buying it on the way down) hahaha. Then as some of you may remember it came back up to a recent high of 228.42. No I didn't sell it at the high but I had a limit order in at 228.00 so it sold (I think that was Aug. 8th). So I didn't make a fortune but I did gain money. So all of you that thought it was crazy may have been a little off, although I'm sure none of you will admit that

Since I sold RIMM I have repurchased it again at about 210. It went up to 215 the other day and I held on to it...maybe I should have sold then too. I still think it's going up. Oh and they continue to get upgraded by some analyst so I don't think I'm alone in thinking it will eventually go past it's 52 week low. It’s a great growth company with a good balance sheet.

Thanks for the concerns and opinions!

You are making yourself look like an even worse trader. You are admitting to buying at an average of 226, and then selling at 228? THAT'S LESS THAN ONE PERCENT!! You BOUGHT a stock near it's 52 week high, not after it made a very slow, organized move higher, but after it made a rather quick move to the upside, on inconsistent volume TO MAKE LESS THAN ONE PERCENT. Do you understand how back of a risk/reward strategy that is? What was your stop on the downside .20%??? Seriously, it's just awful, the stock moves on AVERAGE 4% on any given day. A stock like RIMM should be bought or sold (using good timing) and you should be looking for about 5%-7.5% return short term, and 10%+ long term..

You keep trading like you are and you will be broke very quickly....