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I suggest no one upgrade the firmware on their 8800 after this news is out. They may flood the lockout lower down the chain of models.

Also, I don't see any "logical" reason for doing this by ATT. There's really no major competition against the iPhone's capabilities vs BB. They are completely different solutions in my viewpoint.

Here's what's really going to bake your noodle. What if, just what if, this is some kind of "insider setup" triggered by some relationship between ATT and Verizon? Yeah, I know what you're thinking... conspiracy theory anyone? All I'm saying, if this sort of things floods to the other carriers, in perticular Sprint then you know VZW is behind this tactic wayyyyyyyyyyy inside the organization. VZW needs something to back their "reasons" for GPS disable on the 8830 short of being accused of extortion... what better way to show "you're not alone" then to get the other big dogs to play the same game. The corporations win and the consumer looses in this scenario and VZW gets away scott free... yet again. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens with the other carriers.

I can't wait until WIFI gets locked out. :LOL: Pretty soon we'll have BBs that can only take phone calls and nothing else.

RIM really should have stuck to their guns on this. Freaking sellouts.... again.