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Default A few More Curve/BB Questions

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Hello all.

I have a few more questions about using my new Curve that I cannot seem to find any information on:
  • Keyboard Lock: I found a nice tip about how to enable the keyboard lock from the home screen when "Dialing from Home Screen" is selected.

    However when I use the *A + Green Phone buttons to unlock the keyboard, whatever application whose icon had focus when the keyboard was locked is automatically started. E.g., if the cursor is on the Messages icon when I lock the keyboard, Messages opens as soon as I unlock the keyboard. Occasionally it unlocks directly to the Home screen, but that is the exception.

    Why does this happen? How can I unlock it and stay on the Home screen?
  • BES-Only Features: As my contract was almost up with AT&T I was eligible for a phone upgrade, so I dumped my WM 8125 and decided to go with a Curve. While I am very happy with it for the most part, there are some fairly basic features that are apparently not available unless you are connected to an Enterprise server. (BES) E.g., adding a signature to email messages. The Help file indicates that I can set up a signature for each email account by selecting that option in the Options section for each account. But my Curve has no such option. A closer reading of that Help topic shows that you need to connect to a BES to use signatures. (This is baffling to me; every other device I have used offers a signature for email messages -- even inexpensive, simple devices). Also, a number of other features are similarly reserved for those connected to BES. Email Rules, and too many others to list here.

    How can I accomplish such things without a BES to connect with? Are there any BES's that individuals can connect to? (Like MS Exchange servers that individuals can use if they are not connected to an employer's server).

    If not, are there any third party applications that somehow offer workarounds for these BES-only features?
  • Bad Blackberry Browser Links? Though I can browse normally using the Blackberry Internet browser, many times when I try to reach web pages that are part of the Blackberry service I get error messages saying that no connection is available. There is always a viable reason listed, like site may be undergoing maintenance, etc. "Try again later". But if I click on the Details tab -- when there is one -- I see that it is actually a "URL does not exist" server error.

    Are the links to most of the Blackberry services offered on the Curve bad links? Maybe those services are no longer offered, or the navigation has changed since the software was released for Curves? Some examples are the page that has the Accuweather Home screen shortcut, Themes, Games, Blackberry maps, etc. Some are reachable, but most are not. Same error messages for a week and a half now.
I have other questions but I'll save them for another time. I do search here and every other web site I can find relating to Blackberry devices before asking for assistance like this.

I appreciate any advice you can offer.