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Originally Posted by HardRockinAmigo View Post
I currently own a treo 700p and i think its alright, im rather tech savvy so i have been able to keep it working about 95% of the time but Verizon has jerked me around for the last time. I have heard BBs are more stable than palms and i was looking at the curve specificly. My requirement for a phone would be
  • Good Calendar and ToDo apps
  • String SMS messages together much like an AIM convo
  • Good call quality
  • Be extremely stable
  • Sync with my Mac computer
  • I like email but its not necessary and i know BBs are famous for having good email so thats not a problem

Basically i would like to know how the curve performs mostly in the calendar and todo areas from people who have used it for a while, and preferably those who have also used a treo

Thanks in advance
In my opinion, I don't think the BlackBerry is for you.
Unless wireless push e-mail is on your priority list... then don't get a BlackBerry. You seem to be more interested in PDA functions and SMS. The BlackBerry is certainly not a PDA, and SMS functionality is not going to "chat-style" like you're asking.
BlackBerry is designed to be a mobile e-mail device. Everything else is secondary.

You're probably better off staying with a Palm device, or perhaps switching to a Windows mobile device.
You might even consider the Apple iPhone since you'll be syncing with a Mac.
You'll give up the stability factor, but your other requirements would be better satisfied.
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