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Okay, here's the deal on my end and what I found out so far today.

I am using a MacBook Pro 17" 2.33 w/ 2GB Ram. I'm not necessarily new to Macs nor am I a Windows noob. Trust me, I know enough about both that it's not a software or update issue on any OS I use. It's not the hardware or the software, trust me.

I tested BT connectivity today using my MacBook and two fellow co-workers BB 8830's as well as my own. E (one employee) has an identical BB 8830 to mine, purchased a week before I purchased mine. J (other employee) also has an identical BB 8830, purchased about 2 weeks before mine. Timing on purchase may be a factor, however I'm not inclined to lean that direction just yet. I paired E's phone to my laptop and then attempted to use his phone as a modem. No luck, same results as when I attempt using my own phone. I then paired using J's BB 8830 and attempted to use his as a modem. His worked, in fact, his phone put a message up top that said "Enabling Phone Modem" (or something like that). The only factors I believe to be the difference between the phones (not the timing of purchase) may be that E and I are both on a SERO plan with unlimited BB. J is on a retail plan with unlimited BB. I verified all three phones settings using every menu option and what not (advanced, etc etc). All three have the same settings. My belief, wholly unsubstantiated as it is, is that there is something quirky with Sprint's provisioning. I know that E and I are both on the new billing system (Ensemble) and I am unsure about J (it's quite possible he is on the old one since he never requested to be ported over to Ensemble). All phones have the correct BB plan and the correct CDMA? BB plan. I'm inclined to think it's the EVDO or RTT plan and not the CDMA and RTT plans, but that's just my opinion (CDMA is the network type, EVDO and RTT are the data speed types).

I called Sprint, again I verified my plan settings. I swear, talking to Sprint customer service or their "Blackberry Technical Support" is like arguing with an aluminum can. That is to say, pointless. None of the technicians seemed to grasp that it's irrelevant what OS I'm using, my phone isn't connecting when another's is. I actually got to one representative/technician in BB support that claimed I had to pay an additional $15 to use my BB 8830 as a PAM. She rambled on about it being a worldphone and blah blah blah. I called J and confirmed that he is not paying an additional $15. Over the last week, I have gotten so many different answers on a variety of topics from Sprint's customer service and from their "Technical Support". While I am not happy about this, I am trying to work with the company. Thankfully, I have about 20 more days in my first 30 days (of this account) to decide if I want to keep this plan going.

If anyone can provide any additional insight as to their plans specific features (SERO, retail, BB unlimited, additional tethering fees, billing system, etc) we might actually be able to troubleshoot this and get it fixed for at least three people.

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