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Originally Posted by MichaelBB View Post
I am curious to see how people use there BB, by that I mean the following

Is this your own personal BB and used for personal communications only?

Is your BB owned by your employer and used for work & pleasure?

What carrier and model do you own ? & What are the 3 best features of your carrier and BB ?
It is for my Paint contracting company. I own it and the 8 other Blackberrys used by my field supervisors

8300 and 8800 AT&T

Best 3 features of AT&T:

1. Coverage
2. Coverage
3. Coverage

I am all over Florida, way off the beaten path and I seldon get even a dropped call. I left Nextel because if you pulled off the highway more than a mile or two, zero coverage!

I can be with the hunt club and me and another AT&T user are the only ones who have coverage. The Verizon people are wanting to borrow my phone to tell their wife all is well before they go to the strip bar! I have even used my 8800 Blackberry when I was 30 miles offshore, deepsea fishing!

Did I say coverage?