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Default I went through the same problem most of you are facing. I got some answers.

Hi everyone. I just got a blackberry pearl and I realized when I got home that this phone didn't sync with my macbook pro! I tried hooking it up to my brother's PC...and most of you were saying how after syncing it with your PC it showed errors like "unable to display files" and whatnot. After ONE week having my FIRST blackberry...I had to go RETURN my phone for a new one. My carrier said that a VIRUS may have gotten into my PHONE. I mean IT SOUNDS LIKE A LOAD OF CRAP...but that's what HE SAID. But I'm still skeptical. I just think something when I synced it with my brother's just messed with the system a little. So...the only way I could fix the UNABLE TO DISPLAY FILE was to get a new phone.

But if you go to this website:

you can download POCKETMAC there and you can sync things from your mac like iCal to your phone and what have you.


It took me WEEKS to figure out this because I am technology inept. But it turns out...when you want to send your phone a file from your laptop...ON YOUR must go to your MEDIA application...then go to your PICTURES file and open up with the MENU button and scroll down to "recieve using Bluetooth." after doing that, you send your file from your laptop to your phone. Of course this is all after you set up your device and connect one another. Then accept the file on your phone...and bow chika wao shud work. (it does for me at least.)

Now...the music issue. I mean...a lot of you are saying how you can't get music on your phone? Well after I got a microSD, everything worked FINE! Except all your music is stored into your ringtones section. Haha. But anywho...I just found out that the main reason why transfer doesn't even bother working on your laptop to your phone is that simply...your blackberry doesn't have enough memory on it to begin with and your phone just needs more memory.

I mean this is all I had to do...and I hope your phones all work beautifully.
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